What information do I need to get a bail bond?

Information needed for a bail bond

15 Apr What information do I need to get a bail bond?

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What information is needed to get a bail bond? Bail Bondsmen usually operate 24/7 to  service several local jails in a regional area. Once you call a bail bondsman there are several factors that determine how fast the bail bond can be issued.

Information Needed for a Bail Bond

Regardless of the many factors influencing the process, Victory Bail Bonds will help you every step of the process to ensure a bail bond is issued in a timely manner- as soon as possible.

The basic information needed to get a bail bond are:

  • Name of the accused
  • Which jail they are located
  • The charges of the accused
  • The amount of the bond

This information can help us get the process moving and your friend or family released as soon as possible. If you do not have this information STILL CALL. We will do everything we can to help. We are very familiar with all the jails. We also have after hour contact numbers to call to get help with additional information.

Q: I am the cosigner. What information will I need?

This is a great question. So much attention is usually given to the defendant that many forget about the cosigner.  The cosigner is very important to the bonding process. The cosigner needs to have:

  • Proof of employment and
  • Local address (usually)

Remember, the cosigner is responsible that the accused show up in court. If the accused does not show up in court, the cosigner could be responsible for the entire bail amount. Make sure you know your responsibilities as a co-signer!


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