What is a Bail Bond- Do I Need a Bail bondsman?

Why You Should Hire a Local Bail Bonds Agency

15 Apr What is a Bail Bond- Do I Need a Bail bondsman?

We get this question a lot. Many times our clients are simply unfamiliar with the bail bonding process.

What is a Bail Bond?

In short, a bail bond is a method to insure the integrity of the justice system. If people accused of crimes did not come to court, the judicial system would be compromised. Think about it- if the system of justice fails in our country, then we will have no liberty! We could not live and act with the reasonable assurance of safety (because many criminals would not be brought to justice). Maintaining the system of justice in the country is VERY important.

Does everyone get a Bail Bond?

A bail is NOT given to everyone. If the crime is relatively minor, or a first offence, the accused will most likely be released on their own honor to reappear in court. That’s called being “released on your own recognizance”, or  an “unsecured bond”. Secured bonds are  usually given to felony offenses and to individuals who there is a concern as to whether they will appear in court.

When do you need a bail bondsman?

Usually, if you have received a Secured Bail you will want to use a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen charge 10-15% (required by state law) of the bail amount. This is much less than having to post the full bail amount and much more affordable for many people. Bondsmen are part of the process of ensuring accused persons appear in court.


The below video answers many questions.


The important Bail Bond facts to remember are..

  1. Did the judge or magistrate give the accused a secured bond?
  2. Know the information of the accused to give the bondsman.
  3. Have a good cosigner with a local job.
  4. Call our bondsman and he will do the rest 🙂


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